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Travis and Brian Doing Yoga by BrianNRabbit :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 1 3
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Locked and Loaded Part 1 by London79
SoFurry presents Locked and Loaded Part 1 by London79.
This is part of a new professional wrestling program I am producing/writing for on behalf of the Sofurry community, that only the community itself controls so if you want to be a part or want to be featured in any of the 'episodes' just PM London79 on SoFurry.
Intro: [rock music]
London79:  Tonight, Travis Retriever goes one-on-one with Feaowx.
dude66:  And the rookie sensation Billy Young faces off against Importer Stann.
London79:  Plus, Terry Dane goes up against Bad Don all of that and more tonight
on locked and loaded.
London79:  Welcome everyone to locked and loaded London79 along with good ol'
dude66 everybody's having a grand old time.  We've got time; we've got action, and we've got
a whole lotta fun!
dude66: This place is absolutely packed *laughs* absolutely packed.
London79:  Oh, wait a minute that means one thing ladies and gentleman. Travis Retriever
is on his way uh, where is he?
:icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 0 0
Travis Showing His Soles Redo by fruitgems by TravisRetriever Travis Showing His Soles Redo by fruitgems :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 7 31 Travis's Meet and Greet - by TKDye by TravisRetriever Travis's Meet and Greet - by TKDye :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 7 2 Tickle Time by Pawfun (Gift) v1 by TravisRetriever Tickle Time by Pawfun (Gift) v1 :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 2 5 Bing's Hall of Paw Trophies by Guineapigdan by TravisRetriever Bing's Hall of Paw Trophies by Guineapigdan :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 11 13 Travis showing off his feet by fruitgems by TravisRetriever Travis showing off his feet by fruitgems :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 7 41 Certified Retriever Badge by MaryMouse by TravisRetriever Certified Retriever Badge by MaryMouse :icontravisretriever:TravisRetriever 10 2


Libertarianism and Property from First Principles
By popular demand, this is a transcript of my oft-referenced video, "Libertarianism and Property Rights from First Principles."
Here's the thing about logic: it's completely objective. There is no "my logic" or "your logic"; there's just logic. So if you have a logical position, then it's an objective argument that stems from First Principles.
First Principles are foundational propositions and axioms that do not have to be defended. As long as your argument is purely from First Principles, meaning that it's linked back to these First Principles with no breaks in the chain and no fallacious reasoning, then you don't actually need empirical evidence to support it. Because then, the only way for the conclusion to be wrong would be for these First Principles to be wrong as well.
1. The Principle of Non-Contradiction
The first principle we'll look at is a foundational principle of all logic and reason: the Principle of Non-Contradiction. Something cannot be "A" and "not
:iconshanedk:shanedk 2 1
How To Argue For Tariffs
So I put it to my Patrons what the next video in this series should be, and they picked tariffs. Tariffs are basically taxes on imported goods where there isn't a corresponding tax on domestic goods, also known as "import duties" or "customs duties." With our new president promising to use tariffs to give us an advantage over other countries like China and Mexico, it's more important than ever for statists who support tariffs to formulate their arguments so they are convincing to reasonable people—which, as usual, is what they haven't done.
By the way, this video will be from an American perspective, but the concepts are universal and apply everywhere. So if you're somewhere else in the world, just replace "America" with your own country and it still applies.
This issue is very much tied in with economics, so fair warning: there's a good bit of economics in this video, but it's important. So here are the things you need to keep
:iconshanedk:shanedk 1 0
The Ten Commandments of Encryption Policy
So many politicians, bureaucrats, and pundits are proposing weakening our crypto to allow searches by law enforcement without understanding the issue, that I thought it'd be good to have a quick reference to explain why this is a bad idea. Feel free to copy this and send to politicians, news reporters, or anyone else you think needs to know this.
The Ten Commandments of Encryption Policy
In Applied Cryptography (2nd Ed., John Wiley & Sons, 1996), Bruce Schneier wrote: "There are two kinds of cryptography in this world: cryptography that will stop your kid sister from reading your files, and cryptography that will stop major governments from reading your files." Therefore, anything that allows our government to read our messages will automatically put our crypto into the "kid sister" category.
Anything that allows government to read your message will also allow hackers to read your message. Cryptography is just math, and math works the sa
:iconshanedk:shanedk 4 0
How To Argue For The War On Terror
Even before 9/11, terrorism was a huge issue, and fear of Muslims was far from unheard of. If you don't believe me, just look at movies like The Siege and TV shows like early episodes of The Practice. The 9/11 attacks kicked it into high gear, and if anything, the statist woos are even more gung ho about waging war and sending drones to kill anyone who happens to be in the vicinity of someone who might be a terrorist.
Yes, once again, we libertarians are unimpressed, so if you want to defend this policy, here are the things you need to do, and the things you need to stop doing.
First and foremost:
1. Stop giving US interventionism a free pass.
If we define "terrorism" as "the killing of noncombatants for political reasons," then the fact of the matter is, the biggest terrorist group on the planet is the Federal government of the United States of America. One 2012 analy
:iconshanedk:shanedk 4 0
My opinion on bathroom legislation
Earlier this morning, I posted an article taken from my recent video on North Carolina's HB2, and how it could actually end up being the best thing for transgendered people in North Carolina, if people will just jump off of their idiotic unthinking bandwagon about it. But I know you're thinking: "Shane, what's your opinion on this? You've just been talking about what the law says and what it does, but what's your position on this? What do you think bathroom policy should be?"
Fair enough.
Although I'm probably gonna piss everyone off by saying this: I don't see any point in gender-segregated bathrooms. Would it really cause the collapse of civilization as we know it if men and women use the same bathroom? SJWs, I know you think that since men are Schrödinger's rapist then a woman in the men's room is gonna be raped; well, guess what? Not true. There have been many times things like this happens. Lots of people know that this happens all the time. There
:iconshanedk:shanedk 1 1
The Truth About NC HB2
Everyone's gone completely crazy over this HB2 law here in North Carolina, and people are going, "We're boycotting North Carolina because they hate trans people!" I have just had enough of this. I wasn't gonna cover this because the whole thing is stupid, but it just keeps going on and on and on, and we need someone to try to put a little sanity into this issue so that maybe we can actually do some real good, as opposed to "We're boycotting stuff in North Carolina!"
Do you have any idea any idea how this law puts North Carolina ahead of the pack in most states? No, apparently you don't, because all you did was jump on a bandwagon: "Yes, I want to be liberal and tolerant and progressive and stuff so here's a great way to do this without really having to put in much effort."
I realized that all this was bogus when I broke with longstanding tradition in this country and actually re
:iconshanedk:shanedk 1 1
How To Argue For Gun Control
(More people requested this subject than any other, so here it is, finally!)
Gun control is another of those issues where people on each side just keep talking past each other. I think it's time someone actually tried to further the conversation. So let's look at the issue intellectually and with skepticism, and see what gun control proponents have to do to argue for their policy.
1. Read the Second Amendment.
Since a huge amount of the debate takes place in the United States, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is very important to this debate. But rest assured, international viewers, we'll get to more generalized arguments later, and even examples in other countries. For now, let's look at the Second Amendment to the US Constitution:
A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
Really, the important part here is after the comma; linguistically,
:iconshanedk:shanedk 7 6
I Am a Libertarian Fundamentalist
Okay, you got me, I admit it. All this time you've called us Libertarians "fundamentalists," associating us with people who want to kill gays and Jews and people who draw pictures of some guy who lived 14 centuries ago.
Well, you know what? I am a Libertarian fundamentalist. I absolutely believe, at a fundamental level, that it is wrong to initiate force. And I can and have defended that position logically from first principles. I'll never understand why you statists think that not using force to get what you want is a bad thing.
See, that's the thing: you're fundamentalists, too! You just don't want to admit it, unlike me. You fundamentally believe that you--or actually, some armed gang of thugs that you like--gets to initiate force against the rest of us, telling us whom we can marry, whom we can do business with, what we can build on our own property, and who the bad guys are in a foreign land that we get to slaughter en masse. You even think that it's right to
:iconshanedk:shanedk 2 4
How to Argue for Immigration Restrictions
So I put it to my Patrons as to what the next video in this series should be, and their idea was Immigration Restrictions, something that is largely favored by both the left and the right. Libertarians are against this because you're restricting the liberty of movement of peaceful people. We see borders as nothing more than imaginary lines, and so stopping someone who represents no threat to anyone else from crossing that line is illogical at best, racist and repugnant at worst.
If you want to convince us, therefore, that we should be restricting immigration, here is what you need to do, as well as what you want to avoid:
1. Specify how, when, where, and why.
It seems like every time we have such a discussion with statists, we point out the problems of stopping people from crossing borders. You keep saying that our objection is based on a strawman argument, that of course you don't want it that extreme, and you're for a mor
:iconshanedk:shanedk 3 6
How to Argue for Social Security
One of the biggest "must-haves" for any statist is Social Security. Without this safety net, the statists say, the elderly would starve (even though we conquered the problem of starvation before Social Security) and it's the job of the younger generation, who are fitter and richer, to take care of the old.
But if you want to make this argument, there are numerous realities that you just have to face, and the same is true for Medicare, too. We'll focus on Social Security, but these arguments, combined with the previous video on Universal Health Care, will let you know the problems with Medicare and Medicaid, too.
So here are the things you're just going to have to deal with if you want to rationally defend Social Security:
1. Just admit that it's a Ponzi scheme
A normal annuity is one where someone pays money in
:iconshanedk:shanedk 1 2
How to Argue for Universal Health Care
One of the big issues of our time is health care, and once again the state is pretending to ride in on a white horse and save us all from the horrors of the free market. Once again, we libertarians find all of these arguments to be iffy at best, and we find it infuriating that all of our evidence and counter-arguments keep falling on deaf ears, as we keep hearing the same bogus claims over and over and over again. So in the interests of furthering the conversation, and keeping in mind that since the state is force the burden of proof is on the statists, this edition of our How To Argue For Statism series will be a list of some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to convince us that Universal Health Care is the best system.
1. Stop comparing Universal Health Care to the American system
I don't know how often this needs to be said, I
:iconshanedk:shanedk 3 15
HTAFS: Why We're Rude To You
Well, no one's given a response to the first statist challenge. Maybe they will in time, or maybe I'll do another one a little later. But in thinking about letting you know the proper way to argue for statism, there's something you need to understand about the way we respond to your pathetic non-attempts to defend the state.
And this goes to another list that's been making the rounds. It was originally written by Christopher Cantwell, and :iconLordTHawkeye: LordTHawkeye and :iconTravis-Retriever: TravisRetriever shared it on their respective deviantArt journals   and had a bit more to say about it. Once again, I'm passing it on with my own take and my own additions to it.
It's written about Libertarians, but I think it applies to everyone
:iconshanedk:shanedk 3 1
How To Argue For Statism v2.0
Here's the thing you have to understand about rationalist Libertarians: we want statists to come up with decent arguments against Libertarianism or for the state! We want to engage in an intelligent debate where we're challenged and made to question any conclusions we've drawn. Indeed, it's the fact that we did just this in the past that made us Libertarians to begin with. It's not about defending what we want to believe; it's about making sure our beliefs match reality as closely as possible.
But it's really difficult to argue with statists as long as they keep pulling the same crap that creationists and other peddlers of bogosity do, and I've covered numerous examples of this on my channel.
So awhile back, :iconLordTHawkeye: LordTHawkeye came up with his YouTube video, How to Argue for Statism, and his corresponding journal
:iconshanedk:shanedk 1 4



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Update: Anyone claiming to be me (Travis Retriever) on Facebook or Twitter is impersonating me. I'm no longer on Facebook as of April 2017; and I'm no longer on Twitter as of September 2017.


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