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As I said in the comments about this one:

"Outstanding article. I just have two main gripes with it.

1) Why do you call Ayn Rand a libertarian giant? You seriously put a disclaimer like this: "(Boldrin and Levine may not be strict libertarians across the board, but they are close, they have influenced libertarians, and they are pure libertarians on the subjects of patent and copyright, so that's good enough for our purposes.)" for Boldrin & Levine, but not for Rand? Especially when Ayn Rand:
a) Never met a tax she didn't like.
b) Supported war, including genocide of the Native Americans.
c) Considered homosexuality immoral.
d) And supported wiping Palestine off the map for the benefit of the superior Jewish Race.
e) She hated libertarians, saying we are worse than communists.

2) "For Rothbard, this [a patent owner suing someone who came up with the invention independently himself] was unjust because the later inventor did not violate any property rights of the first inventor when he thought up and created the invention on his own. (This problem doesn't arise in the copyright context because it's safe to assume that two people will not independently write the exact same novel, play, or piece of music, Shakespeare-typing monkeys notwithstanding.)"
Except that's NOT how it actually works. What happens is merely that someone told a similar story, or made a similar piece of artwork and is accused of tracing, stealing their work, their OC (original character), or whatever. It's putting a fine line in an arbitrary situation, and is bogus.

So, solid, A instead of a solid A+."……
(Did I mention how much I love Davi Barker/TheMuslimAgorist? X3)…
Another nice one for good measure. :)

And while on the topic: 
1) For every $4 the government spends on science, it crowds out $5 worth of spending in the private sector on science. 
2) The cost of reverse engineering research/science is the same as the cost of discovering it.  You only get the smaller figures of about 65% of cost if you don't take into account the scientists, engineers, researchers, etc being paid, trained, etc to do the actual work.  When that is taken into account, the costs of either discovering it first and reverse engineering are the same.

Bonus:  Check out the history of IP, specifically copyright and who first lobbied for those laws in the first place: 
Yes, it was all about censorship and control by the state and its cronies, as I said here:   #WTFU Copyright and missing the pointRegarding #WTFU
The more videos on this I watch, the more disappointed I get in people completely missing the point. Folks, DMCA abuses will continue to exist so long as DMCA law is still in effect. It's awful by design. Simply putting the focus on YouTube to try and change the way it handles it will not solve anything. YouTube is only doing what it feels it needs to do in order to avoid legal trouble. This is something that would not be a problem if the DMCA went the way of the dinosaurs.
More detail on this:
And on IP in general: As it is more relevant now than ever. It's a bit long, but explains in deep detail why IP is bogus.
Lastly, here's an exercise for you: Look up who lobbies for IP laws in the first place.
Here's a video to get you started on it: IP policy hasn't changed a bit. Like the DMCA today, it's all about control and cen
  Oh, sure, the rhetoric has changed, but the policy, not a whit; as unscrupulous artists and companies use DMCA take-downs and lawsuits (or threat thereof) to harass and bully those who have harmed NO ONE.

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Travis Retriever
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Important Note: Since there is some confusion, I am NOT an artist. I use this account to post pictures other people have done of my characters/fursonas. Each submission's description has the artist name, and a link to their DA account if they have one.
-- Added because as of 1/25/2014, I've had like two people in the last 12 hours mistake the art in the gallery for my work when it says who did said the picture in each of their respective descriptions. My apologies for the confusion.

Person behind the monitor:
Relationship Status: Single
Biological Sex/Gender: Male
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Weight: 196.4 lbs
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Geographic Location: Maryland, USA
Religious Views: Atheist
Political Views: Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist
Education Level: BS

Favorite Quotes:
"When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world—'No. You move.'"
—Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man 537

"I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them. If I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I and I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."
—Bernardo de la Paz, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

"I say you cannot administer a wicked law impartially! You can only punish, only destroy. And I warn you: a wicked law, like cholera, destroys everyone that it touches--its upholders as well as its defiers."
—Henry Drummond, Inherit the Wind

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."—Friedrich Nietzsche

The Furry Stamp by Busiris

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